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Terms and Conditions


These terms are an agreement between Alegre PTY LTD (Trading as Alegre.net.au), The Catch Group and our customers. They apply to the terms of payment and submission of your electronic device (s). By using our website/service and by submitting/sending your electronics device(s) you are agreeing to accept these terms. This is a legally binding contract between you the user and Alegre PTY LTD. Please read carefully the following terms


We set out to make these terms as fair as possible and in good faith. Our system is based on a self-assessment of electronic devices and our aim is to make trading in your devices with us as simple and seamless as possible. All of our policies are common sense rules aimed at making our whole trade in process effortless and fast. If you use our service with an honest approach you should not have any troubles and we will be here to look after any issue you might have. If you have any questions at all please email us at customercare@Alegre.net.au.


Alegre.net.au is owned and operated by Alegre PTY LTD. Alegre.net.au is not endorsed, sponsored by or affiliated with any companies mentioned on Alegre.net.au. All brands, copyrights, logos, likenesses and registered trademarks are property of their respective companies or organizations. Alegre.net.au is not endorsed, sponsored by or affiliated with any companies or organizations mentioned on Alegre.net.au, unless otherwise mentioned.


Alegre.net.au respects your right to privacy and does not jeopardise in any way information that is input on our site when submitting items. All information you enter on the site including email address, name, contact details and required ID's are used solely for the purposes of completing your transaction.


ID Requirement - As part of our license to operate with NSW Fair Trade we are required to submit the serial number of every electronic device we purchase to a police data system that checks for reported lost or stolen property. The ID requirement is part of our license requirement and is solely used for the purpose of helping police track down criminals.


Privacy - We will never provide or sell your personal information with any third party except as described above for the police weblink system Any information you provide will remain private and will not be shared by any third parties. Please see our Privacy Policy page for further information. If you have any question or concerns regarding your information please contact us at customercare@Alegre.net.au.


DATA SAFE DATA SECURE - Alegre understands the need to protect all information stored on devices that you submit through our system. Every device that we pay for and it able to power on with be thoroughly wiped of all data and reset to factory settings as soon as it arrives at our facility.


Mistakes in submission or inaccurate submissions occur from time to time which may affect the price that we are able to pay out for items. Common mistakes include things such as mistaking an iPhone 3g for the more expensive iPhone 3g S or an item being submitted as being in better condition than we find it to be. In an effort to streamline our recycling process we separate price changes into two categories (significant changes and minor price changes). A significant change is any time the price changes by EITHER by a minimum of 20% or $20. Whenever there is a significant price change you will be notified of the change and given the chance to refuse our offer and have your item sent back. We are very honest with our assessments and items rarely are sent back. When there is a minor price change, the payout will reflect the adjusted price as we find that the time involve in chasing the claims and getting your response for just a few dollars slows our service down for our customers.


Feedback Required - When there is a significant change in the price of an item (as described above) we will request feedback from you in order approve the new pricing. You will receive an email and be instructed on how to log in and view the flagged item. You will be able to read the technicians note describing the reason for the price change and you will be able to accept the pricing on line or communicate with us directly via email. If you do not respond to this email within 5 business days (1 week) we will proceed to complete the payment based on the revised price.


Multiple Item Orders - When orders are submitted with multiple items and there is a significant price change of one or more items within that order, the customer will be given a chance to have the items sent back that have changed prices. The items in the order that do not have significant price changes will be automatically processed through our system on arrival and will not have the option of being returned.


Extreme Damage and Opened, Modified Devices - Our recycling system accounts for most possible conditions that electronic devices can be in, however, there are certain situations that cannot be accounted for by our automated system. Assessments for items submitted that we determine have extreme damage or have been opened or modified in some way are subject to valuation according to our device experts. This is not to say that extreme damage will always lower the value. For example in our first year we had an iPad submitted that had been run over by a truck and we were still able to pay the full "Broken" value for it. Repricing in this situation is subject to vary from 0% to 100% of the submitted price. A good example of this would be someone that has opened their device, taken all of the goods parts out and then sold it to us as being 'broken'. Generally, dishonest activity will be picked up by our experts. If you are unsure please contact us at customercare@Alegre.net.au.


Battery Life - Devices that have internal power supplies will have their battery life tested at our facility. Items may be working perfectly when connected to power or soon after being disconnected, however, still don't function as a customer will expect them to. We require devices with chargeable batteries to last at least one hour in order to be functioning properly. During our testing process, if the battery of a device dies within one hour of being fully charged we will assess this device as having a depleted and non-functioning battery.


Payment periods may vary. We strive for a 2-5 business day turnaround to issue payment after an item arrives at our facility. Sometimes more difficult items take longer to test and at times when volume is higher than average it may take longer for the diagnostic process to be completed. Generally, the most amount of time it will take for an order to process through our system is one week.


Payment method Time Frame - Once payment is issued the amount of time before you have money available with vary by payment method. Payment via PayPal will instantly show up in your PayPal account. Payment via bank deposit generally takes just one day.


REISSUING PAYMENTS - If it has been determined that a payment has been lost in transit and has not arrived within three weeks of the initial issue date, Alegre will reissue a payment upon verification that the initial payment has not cleared.


Transit Times - Generally, when you use our prepaid post labels and sent your items to us using our Reply Paid account with AusPost the transit time is just a few days. Depending on factors such as your location – the transit time for your item to arrive at our facility may vary. Delays in transit may cause delays in your payment. Alegre cannot be held accountable to delays in transit before an item reaches our office.


Reprices and Feedback - If there is a significant price change in at item we need to seek feedback from you in order to process the payment. Seeking feedback regarding a payment amount will cause a delay in payment as we await your response. PLEASE NOTE: if we require feedback due to a price change this will show up in your account summary online and you will receive an email from us. If we do not hear back from you after 5 business days (1 week) we will proceed to issue payment based on the revised amount.


Bulk Orders - Any order that contains 20 items or more, or is valued at $1,000.00 or more is subject to additional time for processing. Generally, bulk orders will take 5-7 business days to be fully processed.


Vital Components Required for Testing and Operation - As device experts, we stock a large collection of various chargers and batteries for testing purposes. If you submit an item with a specialty battery and/or charger that we do not have on hand for testing, the payment process can be delayed while we acquire the parts required to fully test this item. An example of this would be a camcorder with a unique battery that is not included with a submission.


Currently we do not support local drop offs for electronic items.


When there is a significant price change for an item (indicating the price has changed by more than either 25% or $25) you have the option of having an item returned to you. If you have submitted multiple items to us, only the items which have been flagged with significant price changes will be eligible for return. Once an order is flagged with having a significant price change, the order will be viewable on the account summary when you log in online and you will receive an email notification indicating that feedback is required. If we do not hear from you within 1 week or 5 working days the order will be processed at the adjusted rate. Also, if your item has been repriced and does not have a value it will be recycled if we do not hear from you.


We appreciate that it can be difficult at times to correctly identify the exact model of your device such as an iPod or iPhone and we will assist you when submitting items and will not penalise customers for errors when submitting an item. However, we do expect honesty when using our system. We inspect and recycle large quantities of devices and we know when an obviously broken or fake item is submitted as either working or genuine. We consider this abuse of our system.

Alegre.net.au reserves the right to determine when abuse of our system has taken place. If we determine that abuse of the system has taken place we reserve the right to delete your account and ban you from using our services. When abuse of the system has taken place we will refuse to pay to have you item shipped back to you. All fake items will be destroyed as is required of us by law. Example of abuse of the system include but are not limited to submitted a fake item and genuine, submitting an obviously broken item as working, submitting a poor condition item as being in flawless condition or submitting an obviously different model as a more recent and more expensive model.


In the event of a package being damaged or lost in transit, Alegre.com will work to the best of our abilities with you to find a fair and reasonable solution.


All content, including text, images, logos, concepts and technology on this site are the exclusive property of and owned by Alegre PTY LTD and are protected by trademark laws. No content may be used or copied without the express consent of Alegre PTY LTD.


By submitting your items to Alegre.net.au you are representing that you are 18 years or older; you are the owner of the item and no other individual or organization has any rights, interest or ownership of this item; you have the legal right to transfer ownership of the item to us, without and clear of any encumbrances or liens; and this item is not stolen.


Reported Lost or Stolen Items. Every item we pay for gets submitted and crosschecked to a police database to see if the item has been reported as lost or stolen. In the event an item has been submitted that is stolen we will work with police to help track down the item and return it to the true owner and we will request that any money we have paid out for these item gets returned. A person who submits items to us that have reported lost or stolen may then be contacted by the police for further questioning.



When you receive a quote through our system this price is valid for 21 days. From the point that you submit your item you then have 21 days to ship that item and have it arrive at our facility. If we receive your item beyond this 21 day period, your item will be repriced according to our current prices.